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  • E-Commerce

    Directly Operated Brand Retail Outlets (“Direct Retail Business”)

    The Direct Retail Business is one of the core businesses of Pou Sheng International, and is also the main communication channel between brands’ products and consumers. These valuable outlets established by Pou Sheng, with its retail operation technology, store setup and management, product and inventory management, information system support, and business intelligent analysis, plus a strong professional management team, Pou Sheng is taking the lead in the sports retail industry of the Greater China region.

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    Brand Licensee Business

    Based on the extensive retail sales network, professional management team, and rich experience in supply chain management, brand management and operation expertise, Pou Sheng had established the Brand Licensee Business with an aim to help brands under its retail network quickly enter mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and to bring about more benefits and success to those brands. This is one of the core business of Pou Sheng, and is also part of an all-out effort in a multi-brand environment to build a brand new business model with an end to end value chain.

    Franchising Business

    The franchising business has been grown along with Pou Sheng’s directly operated retail business. With years of development, it has established a complete franchise partner management and service system, extensive experience in product management, and retail training for franchise partners. In the future, many innovative franchising business models such as multi-brand store format franchising and chartered franchising, will also be introduced. Pou Sheng welcome you to join us as our franchise partner!

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    Sports City Business

    Sports City Business, represents one of the business model of Pou Sheng International, which is capitalized on its comprehensive advantage in commercial property negotiation and management, membership development, and management, retail property investment, and self-run retail operation. It generate returns by providing specialized retail sites, marketing, services and management for retailing sports products. This is one of the self-owned and operated sales channels of Pou Sheng International, and is growing rapidly in recent years.

    YY-sports Network

    Multi-Brand Product Directly Operated Retail Business (“Multi-Brand Business”)

    Unlike the directly operated mono-brand retail outlets, the Multi-Brand Business is a new own sales channel set up by Pou Sheng International in responding to new market demand, developing multi-channel services trends, and consumer’s growing need of diversified products selection. Multi-Brands stores is a new retail format that is different from the traditional one, integrating all supporting platform such as IT and logistic, target to converge online-offline retailing with seamless shopping experience for consumers. With combination of variety of marketing means, multi-brand stores will also provide ample choices of products for consumers.

    E-Commerce Business

    Pou Sheng’s e-commerce business come to existence as a result of new market demand and consumption trend. Together with large group of YYsports members, and extensive network of retail stores, Pou Sheng’s e-commerce is committed to converge the online-offline selling platform and process via mobile and internet technologies to seamlessly integrating the consumer’s online and offline shopping experience. The goal is to provide consumers with abundant product selection and convenient services. This business is also a key link for Pou Sheng International to build a multi-channel networks.

    Sports Service Platform

    Sports Service Platform will provide our members and consumers high quality events,venues,media,broadcasting,shopping,activities,registration ,ticketing and other health related service . Providing multi-aspect service from online to offline according to different needs. We target to let our members and consumers experience the professional and diverse of YYsports in daily life.
    *The broadcast service will be provided by third parties.